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Protect your sensitive files with a password using this simple and easy file encrypter

CryptoGo is a simple file encrypter for your day-to-day needs.

CryptoGo's goal is to be a simple tool to encrypt and password protect your files.

[ QPKG Integration ]

add CryptoGO command line to NAS $PATH

[~] # CryptoGo
Simple file encrypter for your day-to-day needs.


CryptoGo encrypt /path/to/your/file


encrypt Encrypts a file given a password
decrypt Tries to decrypt a file using a password
help Displays help text
Models: TS-X28A,TS-ARM-X19,TS-NASX86 64bits,TS-NASX86,TS-X41,TS-X31


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