[Offizielle] Firmware NMP-1000 v1.1.6 build 0429 (PAL)

  • [Version]
    NMP-1000 v1.1.6 Build0429

    NTSC: 3548917304
    PAL: 1726044282

    [What's New?]
    - HDMI output now supports 24p mode

    - Improved IMDb search result and removed the auto-search function
    - Display more detailed video & audio information by pressing the "Info" button during playback

    [Major Bug Fixes]
    - Fixed the YouTube connection issue due to the YouTube protocol change
    - Fixed the time error by updating the time zone table
    - Fixed IMDb info not able to be saved if the file is on a remote Samba folder
    - Fixed Picasa cannot display user photos if the account name is the same as YouTube account