[BETA] Firmware NMP-1000 v1.1.3 1015

  • [Beta] NMP-1000 v1.1.3 Build1015 firmware

    [What's New]
    - Support video playback in Blu-ray format (BDMV)
    - New online service: Weather report with city search & global satellite imagery
    - Support NRG format

    - Support Blu-ray private dynamic menu with selectable titles, languages & subtitles
    * Please press the "Menu" button to turn on the menu while playing the Blu-ray video
    - Improve the scroll speed in SHOUTcast
    - Enable "Add to favorite" function in SHOUTcast

    [Bug Fixes]
    - Fixed the playback issue when playing m2ts files with Blu-Ray subtitles after using the fast forward or seeking function.

    [Known Issues]
    - Incorrect letter may be shown in some music info (to be fixed in the official release).
    - The video may start from the beginning when resuming it from fast forwarding (occurred in a few films only).

    [Checksum] 1905721497


    [Checksum] 3872534379


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