[Offizielle] Firmware NMP-1000 v1.2.0 build 0309 (PAL)

  • [Official Firmware]
    NMP-1000 v1.2.0 Build0309

    [What's New]
    - None

    - Time to start streaming music in SHOUTcast is shortened
    - Support PGS subtitle format in .TS files

    [Major Bug Fixes]
    - Administrators cannot create more than 22 user accounts
    - Cannot display album information via TV interface for .ape and .flac files
    - Pause/Delete/Start multiple BT download tasks in QGet can sometimes fail
    - If the music file name begins with a number, then the resume function of "Play All" would fail after NMP is restarted
    - YouTube playback issue due to the recent protocol change

    [Known Issues]
    - After enabling file categorization, watched movies will also be listed under "Unwatched movies"