[Offizielle] Firmware NMP-1000P v1.1.1 build 1012 (PAL)

  • [Official Firmware]
    NMP-1000P v1.1.1 Build1012

    NTSC: 185187072
    PAL: 1720076231

    [What's New?]
    - Mediafly Network
    - Cue Sheet support for FLAC files
    - Adds the "TV aspect ratio" option during video playback

    - Update the TV GUI with multi-lingual translations

    [Major Bug Fixes]
    - Subtitle offset time was not working properly
    - USB keyboard could not be recognized if the keyboard is connected before system booting
    - FTP encoding issue was not working properly in NTFS file system
    - NMP could only play the first file in the HTTP download list
    - System may not function properly if pressing the menu key during the movie loading stage in Simple Navigation mode