[Firmware] QTS 20170503

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  • QTS 20170503 ab sofort verfügbar! Den kompletten Changelog findet ihr im Anhang, die Diskussionsforen zu ARM und Intel/AMD wurden erstellt und sind wie folgt erreichbar:

    ARM - [Firmware] QTS 20170503

    INTEL/AMD -[Firmware] QTS 20170503

    Changelog schrieb:

    QTS build 20170503


    [Important Notes]

    - For the status of QTS updates and maintenance for your NAS model, visit qnap.com/en/product/eol.php
    - When QTS 4.3.x is installed on NAS models running on 64-bit Intel and AMD processors, some applications may not be supported. To check if installed apps on your NAS are compatible with QTS 4.3.x, download the QTS 64-bit compatibility tool and install it on your current QTS build. (download.qnap.com/QPKG/CF64_0.1-1114.qpkg.zip)
    - QTS 4.3.x is the final available firmware update for the following models:
    TS-112P, TS-212P, TS-212-E, HS-210, TS-112, TS-212, TS-121, TS-221, TS-421 TS-120, TS-220, TS-420, TS-420U, TS-421U TS-412, TS-412U, TS-419U, TS-419U+, TS-419U II, TS-119P II, TS-219P II, TS-419P II, TS-119P+, TS-219P+, TS-419P+, TS-119P, TS-219P, TS-419P, TS-119, TS-219, TS-419


    - This build includes security fixes for multiple PHP vulnerabilities. The version of PHP running on the remote web server has been updated to 5.6.30.
    - This build includes security fixes for a password change vulnerability (CVE-2017-7629).
    - This build includes security fixes for a command injection vulnerability (CVE-2017-7876).
    - This build fixes the connection issues that would occur when certain iSCSI HBA initiators (such as HP NC382i and HP 533FLR-T) were used for iSCSI boot.
    - Users can access File Station after updating QTS to 4.3.3 even if they disable File Station in Station Manager on QTS 4.2.4.
    - The QTS user interface can now display active directory users who have long Russian user names.
    - The IP addresses blocked in the System Connection Logs can be displayed on the block list in "Control Panel" > "System" > "Security" > "Security Level".
    - Processes running on Container Station are no longer terminated by a daemon process every 30 seconds.

    [Known Issues]

    The NAS runs out of memory when using thin volumes or LUNs and space reclamation on QTS 4.3.

    Note: If your NAS has been online for more than one month, QNAP recommends closely monitoring the memory usage and manually restarting the NAS when necessary. QNAP has identified the root cause and will include a patch for this issue in the next release."

    [Other Changes]

    - Added support for the USB 3.1 PCIe card USB-U31A2P01 on the following NAS models: TVS-463/663/863/863+, TS-563, TS-463U/863U/1263U, TVS-471/671/871, TVS-471U/671U/871U, TVS-682/882/1282, TVS-682T/882/1282T, and TES-1885U/3085U.
    - After updating the NAS managed by Q'center from 4.2.x to 4.3.x, the administrator of Q'center must input the password of each NAS to continue monitoring.
    - TwonkyMedia is no longer supported. Use the DLNA Media Server built into QTS as your DLNA server.
    - Download Station
    Users can now be notified when downloads complete (instead of when download tasks complete).
    - Virtualization Station
    Due to advancements in the backup features, virtual machines created in older versions (1.x/2.x) of Virtualization Station can no longer be backed up and restored in 3.0. (A workaround is to clone an older Virtual Machine; the cloned VM can be backed up/restored, but all original snapshots will be removed)

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